Say Hello To Health!

Everyday Tracy is helping people just like you get well again.   Just because you have been from doctor to doctor, and specialist to specialist, does NOT mean that you have to suffer forever.
Tracy is helping people find answers and health through her Virtual Private Practice and E-Learning Resources.  Are you ready for a change? Find out if Tracy can help you!


Tracy is a different kind of dietitian and some would say she’s much more than a dietitian.   Tracy is a Licensed, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist trained in Natural, Integrative, and Functional Medicine. Check out the conditions below that Tracy is successfully treating in her virtual private practice. Or...maybe you just want science-based information that you can use, at your own pace, to expand your knowledge and improve your health.  Tracy has a variety of E-Learning downloadable audios.   See which ones are right for you!  Subscribe to the monthly newsletter for news-to-use, sales & discount coupons, and access to the free podcast-of-the-month.


Tired of being sick and tired? Tracy is successfully treating . . .

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Celiac Disease
Hashimoto’s Disease

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Chronic Headaches
Generalized Fatigue
Joint Pain
Gas & Bloating


Are you ready to be symptom free, not manage symptoms? When you work with Tracy you'll get:

A Trained Professional --

Tracy has a Master's Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University, the oldest natural medicine school in the U.S. Additionally, she has advanced training from the Institute from Functional Medicine and is on track to be certified.

Personalized, Customized Care --

Just like snowflakes, no two are the same.  Two people with the same disease took different routes to get there.  Unwinding the disease process is unique to each person and there are no two treatment plans that are the same.

Time --

Each patients starts with (2) 90 minute sessions and then will meet for 45 minutes two times each month for the duration of your package.   Behind the scenes, Tracy is committed to doing the research to help YOU feel better!    Tracy manages a small case load at any one time, just so you can have the attention you need and deserve.

Identification of Root Causes --


There's a reason you're sick.  Whether it's gastrointestinal imbalances or infections, impaired detoxification, genetic SNP’s that hinder optimal function, hormone imbalances or something else, there's a reason.  And likely it started with something that seemed insignificant but over time has snowballed.  In your work with Tracy, you'll address several areas as appropriate - gastointestinal health, endocrine health, detoxification capacity, immune system function, and how your current diet and lifestyle are working for or against you.